To say the least, we were very excited just to be there! Your wife took us on a tour of the marine biology lab and then we ended up at the office where all your hundreds of books were located. Dave and I thought to ourselves, it would take us hours to look through all of these to see which ones we wanted, so we just said we would take all of them. So you helped us load as many as we could into my car and we thanked, hugged you, (well I did) profusely for your donation to our program. 

At one moment when Dave was outside, you were just standing there gazing around the room. I said, are you sad Kenn? You said, yes... yes I am. So, at that moment I realized that we were taking a much beloved treasure from you. I assure you that we will take very good care of this cargo. I felt your sadness too. 

So, we brought them to the Dominion and stored them safely away and they are awaiting the same type of love from some students, that they received from you. I am still reveling in the whole experience. If I didn't say it that day, thank you for serving our country! 

Story by: Karen Osborn, June 2015


2015 - Kenn Brooks, Biologist and Former Pilot Donates Books

Mr. Brooks, we would like to personally thank you for the unselfish giving of your books and journals for the Dominion Historical Workboat Association.  

When Captain Dave and I arrived to pick up the books, I was in wonderland! You had two horses; a big white stallion and a rescue brown mare that was dancing up and down on the other side of the fence. Four dogs greeted us, two golden retrievers and two "bogles" and a HUGE black angus bull with about 12 females and babies around him. It was a very very spectacular sight to see when we drove into your "little" 280 acres part of the world, and you are purchasing 40 more acres! Wow!